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What makes my SEO Services standout?

Professional Internet Marketing Services Customized for Your Business! Unlike other companies, my objective is to add value to your business. The strategies devised by me are purely aimed at producing results.

I don’t believe in overwhelming clients with a lot of technical jargons-I’m here to maximize your returns.

I know every business is different and I change our approach based on the specific needs of a business. I offer solutions that work for you.

My Process

I follow a standard operating procedure for every project.

The first step is to analyze a website from various perspectives: URL depth, page rank, domain authority, backlink strength, etc.

The second step is to define realistic goals, the third step is to develop an SEO strategy to achieve those goals, and the fourth step is the implementation of those strategies.

What can the dedicated SEO Virtual Assistant do for you?

Keyword Analysis: This is the most crucial part. The virtual internet marketing assistant finds relevant search terms associated with your business. These are real terms used by real people to search your products or services. The keywords are shortlisted based on their search volume, relevance, competition, and intent.

Competitor Analysis: Why is competitor analysis so important? Simple: you can’t beat them unless you know them. Knowing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses will allow you to improve your own processes, take steps to distinguish yourself from them, create a unique identity, and easily navigate through the challenges in your niche. Competitor analysis is done on the basis of Google/Alexa rank, domain authority, page authority, and keyword traffic.

On-Page Analysis: On-page analysis is the analysis of a website’s content and HTML source code from an SEO standpoint.

 When I work as an affordable virtual assistant, I examine your website and run a series of tests on factors that affect traffic, lead generation and conversion and based on the findings from the analysis, actionable recommendations are shared with you.

 When I work as an online marketing virtual assistant, I check all of the below as part of on page analysis.
  •  Search engine rank
  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Header tags
  • HTML sitemap
  • Image optimization 
  • Robots.txt
  • Google analytics script
  • Brand visibility
  • Back link status
  • Content analysis
  • Mobile online presence and visibility

Off-Page Analysis: Off-page analysis refers to the analysis of factors outside of your website that affect its performance such as search engine submission, blogging, social media presence, forum participation etc. 

When I work as an SEO virtual assistant, I examine your website off-page history to find areas of opportunity.

On-Page Optimization: Based on the findings of the analysis, the SEO virtual assistant optimizes your website to enhance the visibility of your website and improve the traffic. On-page SEO includes, but isn’t limited to, the following:

  • Title and anchor text optimization
  • Meta data optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Adding XML sitemap

Off-Page Optimization: Our off-page optimization is aimed at improving the perception of your website/brand so it emerges as an authority in its domain. The off-page activities performed by our remote SEO assistant on social bookmarking sites, discussion boards and forums, blogs, and social networking sites will help build the popularity of your website.

  • Search engine submissions
  • Directory submissions
  • Article submissions
  • Classified submissions
  • Blogging
  • Social bookmarking 
  • Forum participation
  • Business listing
  • Press release
  • Image promotion
  • RSS submission

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